• Testimonials

  • I made an appointment at Dr. Farnoush's office after being unable to find a quality dentist in DC. Although Greenbelt, Maryland was far, it was definitely worth the trip. I was seen by Dr. Natalia Silva, and it was the best dental experience of my life. She was very caring, gentle, and competent. She explained everything she was doing and answered all my questions. She even showed me pictures of my cavities and how far along they were. The office was super clean and had all the latest technology. However, Dr. Silva still knew how to give a good old fashioned cleaning, which was the best tooth cleaning I ever received! I have had bad experiences where dentists become lazy with all the new technology and give sub-standard manual cleanings. The office was the perfect combination of cutting edge technology and good old fashioned hands on dentistry. Her dental assistant was also very competent and they both seemed genuinely interested in my dental health. I will definitely be going back and will recommend her to all my friends.

    Thomas D.

  • I actually made this dentist my dentist mid this year. She is awesome and I love how understanding she is . All the staff are nice actually. The dentist informed me of what was happening and what was needed. When I made appointments I was actually seen around the time I made it for...none of that appointment @ 11 you get seen @ 12:30 stuff .

    Amber J.

  • Very pleasant experience, clean office, nice waiting room. Before the appointment I filled out the forms online for my first time visit which was convenient as I arrived for my appointment on time and simply signed. They accept my Aetna insurance, very pleasant staff. Dr. Allen was very clear & concise with his recommendations, I will be back to have some work done as I am overall happy with my visit today and confident in Dr. Allen's abilities. The office staff was also great, letting me know exactly what to expect with my bill moving forward.

    Pepe E.

  • Dr. Farnoush Allen has been my dentist for a great number of years. She and her staff are highly qualified, up-to- date professionals. Their office in Greenbelt, Maryland, is equipped with the latest in dental technology.

    Lydia and Prisca, Dr. Allen's front office staff, welcome me upon my arrival. Alice, the hygienist, gives excellent, thorough cleanings, including polishing and flossing. After each exam, Dr. Allen explains my X-rays and makes her recommendations for my treatment. She wants me to retain my beautiful smile. Dr. Allen and her staff treat everyone with sensitivity, warmth and friendliness. So much so, I often joke with them to wake me up when my dental prodecure is completed. I feel that at ease with them. Dr. Allen and her staff have become my friends; I don't hesitate to give each of them a hug when I leave thier office. Without reservation, I recommend Dr. Allen and her team to my family and friends and to you, dear reader.

    Linda K.

  • I have been Dr Farnoush Allen's patient for over 10 years. And SHE is an excellent dentist. She is both the primary provider and the sole owner of the practice. I don't know who Rajesh is talking about. I think he is confusing some other MALE dentist from another practice with Dr Farnoush Allen. She has had male associates but none them of have the power or authorization to quote or misquote procedure code fees. Dr Allen does a great deal of free dentistry to needy patients. She also has a life time guarrantee on most of her procedures. As far as the insurance estimate goes Rajesh should report Dr Allen to the Maryland Insurance commission if he has evidence that she does not follow his insurance fee schedule. In any case, the patient is expected to already know his own insurance fee schedule, so there is no question of quotes.

    Richard A.

  • When we first found out that our previous dentist was retiring and had relinquished his practice to another dentist we thought, oh no! Now we will have to find a new dentist! However, our previous dentist recommended Dr. Allen, his replacement, so highly that we decided to stay with the dental practice. After all these years since that day, we have not been disappointed for making that decision. To us, Dr. Allen and her staff have become sources of pride that reveal and reflect their very identity. As a matter of fact, we feel that you could not find a better dentist. Also, all of her staff, from the front desk, the dental hygienist, her assistants, etc., is fantastic and very caring employees. Dr. Allen has preservation at heart and safeguarding her patients even if the challenge grows more complex. Dr Allen takes her job very seriously and demands only the best for her patient. When she makes repairs, she must make sure they are done right. It is due to such care that she remains a leader in dental preservation, earning accolades for her commitment to the highest standards of dentistry. Here are two personal examples of Dr. Allen’s special care: One such incident is where a tooth had been pulled, leaving a very unattractive toothless opening. However, when other dental work was required in that same area, Dr. Allen took on the challenge to add a tooth into that empty space. Today, you cannot tell that it is not my real tooth. On another occasion, when one of us had a medical situation while in the Hygienist’s chair, Dr. Allen went beyond what we feel was her duty, exercising a high level of judgment, skill, and professionalism, dropping what she was doing, to come to the aid of her patient’s medical situation until it was under control. We are an enduring testament to the wonderful care we have received from Dr. Allen and her staff. We hope you will consider Dr. Allen for your dental care.

    Bill & Shirley A.